* Welcome to PAWS PLACE INC., a non-profit, no-kill animal rescue and shelter located in Rocky Mount, MO, serving the entire Lake Of The Ozarks area.

Our mission is to rescue and save lives of the unfortunate, abused, neglected, unwanted, lost and abanded animals. Rehabilitate and locate them into an adopted forever home.


Have you ever thought about how much you could change things just by adopting a pet, becoming a foster parent, volunteering or donating to a good cause?


* PAWS PLACE Thrifty Boutique * * Lake of the Ozarks, MO.

Paul Rhodes, Proprietor

We opened the Thrifty Boutique July 4th weekend 2011.  Not the typical thrift store theme.  We are a Boutique at thrifty prices.  Supported almost entirely by donations of all kinds.  Everything from clothing to furniture and more.  New and unique items changing every week.  Check out our "Woof Wear" pet apparel by PAWS PLACE INC.  Most all donations excepted at the store, we will pick up the larger items.  Click on THRIFTY to see store location and hours.

* We Need Volunteers & Foster Parents

Do you like what we do and want to play a roll in a good cause?  But don't know what you can do to help.   Or you know how you can help and just have a few or so questions.  Read more about us and join our family of supporters. Thanks


When it comes to a non-profit/charity organization, we just have to be creative and sometimes think out of the box to be successful at what we are doing.  Especially in todays economy.  Trusting in God and moving forward that's the plan. 

********* "Charmin" A Basset Mix *********

This is "Charmin" and we was able to save her leg from being amputated after a Bobcat attack.  She made a full recovery and is doing great in her new forever home.  Just a little FYI, the average cost per yr. to provide health care, shelter and feed only one animal is just a bit over $1000 dollars.  Without the support of donations we wouldn't be able to rescue and save the lives of many, ones like Charmin.  Where their future sad to say isn't always looking to bright.  Because in todays society it's cheaper to put them down.